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Keyword Ranking Guarantee

We, at Philippines Web Solutions know how important it is for clients to be guaranteed of the most important things that will lead to the success of their pursuit. It will really be difficult to rely merely on promises because more often than not, this only leads to false hopes and expectations.

It really isn’t new for us to hear stories about companies who have invested on different SEO companies with absolutely nothing to hold onto but the trust that they have undoubtedly given the people to whom they expected the greatest things only to find out in the end that all their time and money were just put to waste for trusting on the wrong people.

We want to make sure that you’ll be getting exactly what you have paid for.
  • We have become the instrument of link popularity of other websites.
  • We’ve established the online branding of companies who want to make their presence felt and we have provided the greatest fulfillment for online companies who have reached their desired ranking more than they have expected.
  • We have become a vital instrument in making other companies’ dreams come true and we are determined to do the same for you.
As SEO experts, we believe that we can earn the clients’ confidence and trust by giving them a glimpse of what can we do for them. As much as Google doesn’t really allow the guarantee of Keyword Ranking, we at PWS know that it is important for clients to have something to hold onto in exchange of the trust that our company will be getting.

PWS guarantees every client who would be willing to try our services an increased ranking on 40% of the keywords chosen provided that the necessary amount of time will be provided depending on the SEO package chosen.

PWS assures every client that keywords will rank on the first two pages of the search engine after the contract is ended and that alone should give the impression that we will be doing our very best to at least provide the greatest possibilities for your company.

We give the same treatment to small and big businesses. We know how hard it is to start with nothing but the determination to steer away from any chance of failure. Trust is important and we really put enough value in keeping our words in order to earn the credibility that will surely lead us to the best places. We have made several clients happy and contented and we know that we can do more for your company if you’ll permit us to do so.

Our company exists to provide the best help for companies who have great dreams. We value our clients as much as they value their success because we know that with every company that we are able to help, another feather is added onto our cap leaving us with nothing but only pride and glory.

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PWS has successfully improved my search result on my three chosen keywords to the top 2 pages of Google.

- Menlo Real Estate

Philippines Web Solutions' SEO Specialist did terrific link building and SEO work for my website, and I highly recommend them to anyone looking for something like this. They have worked for 12 months on several of my sites, helping me bring them to the first page of Google results for important keywords.

- Compost Instructions