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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What do you exactly mean by “Landing Page Web Content Optimization”?
    This means that PWS will optimize the content of your landing pages. Your landing pages are the pages of your website that you wish to rank on search engine results for a specific keyword. The number of landing pages to be optimized depends on the SEO Package you will choose.

  2. Do you submit manually to directories?
    Yes. We will submit your websites to free directories manually.

  3. What is entailed in “Link Building Blog creation”?
    PWS will create a blog using free Wordpress or blogger.com for the sole purpose of building links for your websites. Based on our experience, blog posts are easily crawled by search engine spiders thus providing fast contributions on the SEO project, thus providing ranking results faster.

  4. Can you differentiate Blog Post Writing and Article Writing?
    The articles that will be written in blog post writing shall be posted on the blog to build links while the articles in Article writing shall be used and distributed on various Article directories.

  5. What is Article Submission?
    This means that PWS will submit the articles we will create on different article directories. The number of articles and article directories we will submit to depends on the SEO package that you will avail.

If you have any questions about any of our services, you can email us at support@philippineswebsolutions.com. Answers will be emailed back to you and will be posted on the FAQ section as well.

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PWS has successfully improved my search result on my three chosen keywords to the top 2 pages of Google.

- Menlo Real Estate

Philippines Web Solutions' SEO Specialist did terrific link building and SEO work for my website, and I highly recommend them to anyone looking for something like this. They have worked for 12 months on several of my sites, helping me bring them to the first page of Google results for important keywords.

- Compost Instructions