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Article Marketing

Have you ever realized of the importance of the impression you make on the people you deal with? Based on experience it is truly hard to put the confidence and trust to the people who don’t have the credibility that can really speak much of their worth.

Online business is very much similar with what usually happens in life because you are actually dealing with different people from all walks of life and for sure any person in the right mind wouldn’t simply give in to what a stranger dictates. When doing online business you need to talk to your prospective clients in a manner that will attract their attention and possibly link to their personalities so that they can relate effectively to your business site.

What is Article Marketing?

Article marketing is an approach that has been utilized by most people long before the Internet has been discovered. It is the best way to capture the attention of the readers by providing relevant, informative and updated content that readers will surely be interested in.

The task of article marketing is so huge because it s practically the indicator that can ‘make’ or ‘break’ the reputation of your business. People who write the content on your web page should be capable of relating to the web visitors by the right choice of words and topics that web visitors cannot simply turn their backs on. Some people may think that writing content is just simple and easy but of course things aren’t the same when the future of your business is enclosed with every article you write.

PWS Difference

The PWS pool of writers is the group that stand-out on our quest for effective writers. There are lots of people who tried to make it in our team but many failed to meet our standards because of our efforts to always consider what is best for our most valued clients. We know that web content is a major consideration for every online business and we just can’t let such important task be handled to people who write for the sake of finishing their jobs.

We give you the assurance that the PWS writers are the cream of the crop and it is a guarantee that they’ll reach out to every prospective client and send across the messages that can seal the future of your business.

Relevant and error-free content can lead prospective clients to your site driving the most desired traffic that can tantamount to increased sales and higher profit for your company to enjoy. That alone should give our prospective clients the insights on the improvement that we are capable of doing. Content has always been king and being the one on top of the hierarchy, it is just definite to hand the task to the people who can do it best.

Article Marketing Plans (AMP)
  1. APM1 - $35

    Write 1 Original Article
    2 Article Spins
    Article Syndication to 3 Article Directories

  2. AMP2 - $65

    Write 2 Original Articles
    4 Article Spins
    Article Syndication to 6 Article Directories

  3. AMP3 - $95

    Write 3 Original Articles
    6 Article Spins
    Article Syndication to 9 Article Directories

  4. AMP4 - $125

    Write 4 Original Articles
    8 Article Spins
    Article Syndication to 12 Article Directories

  5. AMP5 - $150

    Write 5 Original Articles
    10 Article Spins
    Article Syndication to 15 Article Directories

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PWS has successfully improved my search result on my three chosen keywords to the top 2 pages of Google.

- Menlo Real Estate

Philippines Web Solutions' SEO Specialist did terrific link building and SEO work for my website, and I highly recommend them to anyone looking for something like this. They have worked for 12 months on several of my sites, helping me bring them to the first page of Google results for important keywords.

- Compost Instructions